May: Maria Lida Foundation is created

July: Held First Annual Fundraiser Event

August: Secured contract with Washington University in St. Louis 

November: Launched pilot English class cohort


January: First Alausí Program Director begins working with Foundation       

January: Hosted Washington University in St. Louis students, faculty, and donors in Alausí

February: Held Session One of pilot English cohort

April: Launched second English class cohort

May: Obtained 501(c)(3) status as a Public Charity from the IRS 

June: Obtained nonprofit status in Ecuador 

July: Held first graduation ceremony for pilot English class cohort 

September: Jorge Mora began work as Director 

September: Launched third English class cohort 

November: Began project to promote Alausí digitally to tourists 

November: Alausí receives status as a "Pueblo Magico"


January: Secured contract with Davenport University 

February: Launched website 

May: Provided COVID-19 relief in Alausí region 

June: Provided COVID-19 relief in Alausí region 

June: Secured partnership with Social Entrepreneur Corps 

July: Launched community consulting project with Nizag indigenous community

August: Secured contract with Washington University in St. Louis

September: Provided COVID-19 relief in Alausí region 

October: Held first virtual fundraiser event  

December: Provided COVID-19 relief in Alausí region 


March: Nizag indigenous community became a certified point of visit for Alausí Pueblo Magico 

April: Launched Ryan's ASK (Alausí Scholarships for Kids) program to provide tuition scholarships for children 

May: Resumed adult English program

September: Held adult English program graduation for Cohort Three

September: Provided scholarships for 16 children through Ryan's ASK Program