COVID19 Relief Efforts

COVID19 has deeply impacted the world and Ecuador has unfortunately been no exception. In response to this crisis, the Maria Lida Foundation has provided COVID19 relief to the most vulnerable members of Alausí, Ecuador. 

As of December 2020, we have delivered: 

1,000 meal kits (each meal kit can feed a family for about one week)

2,000 face masks (locally sourced) 

7,200 lbs. or 3.6 tons of aid 

Est. 4,000 people impacted 

Thank you very much to our supporters, team, partners in Ecuador (including local police force and Solis family) for making these missions possible!


If you would like to contribute to our ongoing COVID19 relief efforts, please visit:

Monthly Pledge: 

One-Time Donation:

A contribution big or small will impact families in need:

$25 provides 5 food care packages or 100 face masks 

$50 provides 10 food care packages or 200 face masks 

$100 provides 20 food care packages or 400 face masks 

$500 provides 100 food care packages or 2,000 face masks