Alausí is a small and beautiful town located in the small and beautiful country of Ecuador, South America. It is located in the Chimborazo province of Ecuador.

Alausí is home to the world-famous Nariz del Diablo (or Devil’s Nose) train ride. The Nariz del Diablo is an over 100-year-old train that travels up and around a large mountain. People all over the world travel to Alausí to marvel and enjoy the Nariz del Diablo’s rich history and gorgeous views of the Andes Mountains.

This special town in Ecuador is also home to bright and historic buildings with beautiful architecture, wonderful mixture of indigenous populations, and scenic views of the Andes Mountains. It is located near the gorgeous Lagos de Ozogoche, Incapirca Trails, Chimborazo Volcano, Guayaquil, and Cuenca.

Why Alausí

Alausí is a city with untapped potential for tourism. Beautifully situated in central Ecuador and surrounded by the Andes, Alausí has been a destination city for years. Visitors come to Alausí especially for the Nariz del Diablo train experience. However, often times visitors fail to stay and appreciate the small businesses and other attractions that make Alausí special.

The Maria Lida Foundation plans to help promote and share the beauty and wonder of Alausí so the community can create more jobs and raise its standard of living.