Update: COVID-19

Dear Family, Friends, and Supporters:

We hope you all are staying safe and healthy during this time. The COVID-19 crisis has brought significant challenges and changes to our organization and we wanted to provide you with a brief update on our work in Ecuador.

It is with deep sadness for us to report that COVID-19 impact is severe in Ecuador as it is one of the hardest-hit countries of the region. This problem is exacerbated by Ecuador’s struggling economy before the outbreak, instability in oil prices, lack of sanitation, food insecurity, overwhelmed healthcare systems, and inability for many to stay quarantined as they live “hand to mouth.” Below are a few articles that outline Ecuador’s situation:



MLF Response

Given the dire circumstances and significant changes to the tourism industry, our Leadership Team has decided to temporarily pause our economic development efforts through tourism, including our English classes. Instead, our team will pivot our focus of development efforts to providing COVID-19 relief to the communities we work with during this crisis. This decision was made with careful thought and discussions with our leaders and community members. (We will resume our development activities including English classes as soon as we can.) 

Based on feedback from the community of Alausí, food security and personal protection equipment (“PPE”) are two areas that are most needed at this time. In response, our team is working on assembling food kits and possibly securing PPE to provide to people in the region.

The Maria Lida Foundation cannot provide COVID19 relief in Ecuador without the financial support of our partners. If you would like to help us with this initiative, you may contribute at the links below:


Monthly Pledge: http://bit.ly/2DA5CLJ

One-Time Donation: http://bit.ly/2OG0MD0

A contribution big or small will have an impact to families in need:

$25 provides 5 food care packages

$50 provides 10 food care packages  

$100 provides 20 food care packages

$500 provides 100 food care packages


Thank You

As always, thank you all very much for supporting our cause. Together we can make a lasting impact in Ecuador.




Maria Lida Foundation Leadership