Third Quarter 2022 Newsletter

Dear Supporters:

Greetings from our teams in Ecuador and the United States! I hope that you and your families are staying well during this time.

Since our last newsletter, I am thrilled to report that I was able to visit Ecuador for first time since COVID-19 emerged. It was incredible to see many familiar faces and our work on the ground. It was bittersweet to see all the changes that have happened since I was last in Alausí.

The highlight of the trip was meeting with as many people as possible to exchange hugs, tears, and stories. I was also able to finally meet our Country Director, Jorge Mora, in person for the first time! The trip made me extra appreciative of our team in Ecuador, stakeholders in Alausí, and each of you for providing your time, talent, and treasure to advance our mission in Alausí. I am grateful to God for all of you, and feel the trip helped me gain a fresh perspective and vision for the Maria Lida Foundation!

As always, thank you very much for your support.

God Bless,

Shannon Turner



Faces of Alausí

To support our mission, we believe it is important to help promote the local businesses, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders in Alausí. Please enjoy this section of our newsletter, Faces of Alausí, to learn more about Alausí's community members.

Byron, Pueblo Magico President

Meet Byron, President of the Pueblo Magico Committee, a community association with a mission to promote and increase tourism in Alausí, Ecuador.

"As the President of the Pueblo Magico Committee, I represent the civil population of Alausí. As a Committee, we are always looking for opportunities to promote Alausí so we can welcome national and international tourists."

Pueblo Magico Alausí Facebook

Maria Lida Foundation Team Highlight

"Working with the Maria Lida Foundation has been a great experience for me. I really enjoy teaching English. I also enjoy the students who always have good energy and vibes, which is a pleasure for me as a teacher. Alausí is a beautiful city."

-David, English Professor

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